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Anticipation in Disillusionment and Despair Reading Eliot’s The Waste Land


Mani Bhadra Gautam, Ph D, Central Department of English, (Humanities and Social Sciences), Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal

This study analyses Eliot’s The Waste Land from a humanistic perspective and after all search for the causes and consequences of despair, disillusionment, and frustration the study claims that the pessimistic flashbacks of the past and negative looks for the days to come are human enemies. Moral and ethical guidance are suggested to live peacefully in poetic anticipation. The Journey through The Waste Land Eliot in his poem seeks multiple ways of living and finally, it is nothing more than the poetic imagination and metaphor to escape from an alienated path. Eliot exposes the social disharmony through the chaos of dislocation, depression, and death of the Londoners and he paves the way for alternative methods to get alive with hope. The study is made on social and socio-cultural investigative methods to find out the social wrongs to which Richard Aldington, Wesley Brown, Nevill Coghill, and Francis Turner Palgrave’s critiques are applied.

Keywords: Anticipation, Disillusionment, Investigation, Alienation


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