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Mental Health Status in Relation to Happiness and Depression


Dr. Abu Syed Md Azizul Islam, Associate Professor & Head, Department of Psychology Government Brajalal College, Khulna, Bangladesh

The purposes of the present study are twofold : (i) Investigating the relationship between happiness and mental health; (ii) and finding the relationship between depression and mental health. The data was collected from 120 students who were purposively selected from different universities. The instruments used in this study were personal information questionnaire, Bangla version of General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-12) of Goldberg (1972), Bangla  version of Happiness questionnaire (Hills & Argle, 2002), Bangla version of Depression Scale (Uddin & Rahman, 2005). The result showed that there is a significant positive correlation between happiness and mental health, and negative correlation between depression and mental health.

Keywords: Mental Health, Happiness, Depression


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