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Exploring Eco-tourism Treasure of North-eastern States of India: A Sustainability Perspective


Dr. Suman Kalyan Chaudhury

Faculty Member, P.G. Department of Business Administration, Berhampur University, India &

Dr. Sukanta Sarkar

Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Gambella University, Ethiopia &

Dr. Manaswini Patra

Asst. Librarian R. P. Padhi Library, Berhampur University, India

The North-eastern states of India are blessed with beautiful natural landscapes, flora and fauna, folk music, mountains, mysterious clouds, cuisines, and tribal culture, making it unique for eco-tourism. The region has enormous scope for the growth of eco-tourism, with many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, local arts and crafts, and fairs and festivals that can attract more tourists from home and abroad. This beautiful region abounds with adventurous activities like jungle safari, trekking, pilgrimage tours, mountaineering, tea garden tours, and ornithological tours are also available. However, transportation, accessibility, security threats, tourist facilities, hygienic food, accommodation, tourist information systems, system of permission, and brand image are the basic challenges before its tourism sector. Through a descriptive analysis, this paper discusses the opportunity and scope of sustainable eco-tourism in the North-Eastern states of India.

Keywords:Ecotourism, Homestay, Hotels, Tribal communities, Tourist


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