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Forest during Formative Years of Human Life: A Reading of Amidst the Pines by Singhal


Bhawana Pokharel, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of English, PNC, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

‘Amidst the Pines’ by Kabita Singhal is a memoir that describes her childhood days at a boarding school in Darjeeling namely Kurseong. The school was surrounded by tall pine trees and was situated in the middle of a forest. The author illustrates many literal roles that the forest played during the formative years of her life as a human being. This study deals with some such examples, from the book, that even have a lot of metaphorical implications. More specifically, this paper examines the nature-human relationship that has been depicted by the author, in light of ecocritical consciousness derived through the ideas from the scholars like Greg Garrard, Cheryll Glotfelty, and Patrik D. Murphy and concludes that forest plays a vital role in inculcating the sense of awe, joy, fear, courage, transformation, and rootedness in human beings.

Keywords: Forest, Ecocriticism, Formative Years, Fear, Courage, Transformation


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